Power Sector

Power Sector IT Security

Countries and the world depend on energy and power every day, every second of the life.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has the authority to establish cybersecurity
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Technologies That We Utilize:

– Data Security and Monitoring
– Data Loss Prevention Tools
– SIEM Suite
– Network Monitoring Tools
– 360 View of your assets and networks

How We Can Help:

–  We provide consultation for the best practices in private and public energy sectors
– We help you monitor your assets and data at all times,
– Constantly monitoring the network and assets at all times to mitigate threats
– Respond to attacks and minimize the damage to minimal data loss
– Prevent power outages via cyber threats mitigation and defending the attacks


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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
– Data Privacy and Residency Laws
– NIST 800 Series
– Applications that most government agencies use must comply with FedRAMP