How We Consult

Consult: Be prepared, be proactive, and take the fight to your adversary. Frontline IT Security draws on our vast experience in cyber security and risk management and our insights into the tactics, techniques and procedures used by threat actors to help you anticipated threats, disrupt attacks and respond decisively.

Empower: With cyber security attacks a reality for every organization, it is important that your security team is always ready to tackle known and unknown threats, and that your security systems are able to withstand any attack. Employees, too, have to undergo training and education on good cyber security practices to avoid becoming the weakest link in your organization.

Protect: To counter shape-shifting threats by highly-motivated and elusive attackers, you need to understand the latest developments in cyber security and the threat environment. We combine this knowledge with 360 degree visibility of your assets and network, enabling you to seek out known and unknown threats and stop them before they can stop your business. - Security Incident Monitoring and Analytics - Security Device Management - Identity and Access Management - Detection by Deception - User Behavior Analysis - Web Application Firewall

Defense/Rescue: Our incident response, and forensics experts make use of digital forensics, malware analysis and other investigative methods to determine the root cause of security breaches and put in place remediation measures to make sure that they do not recur. This enables you to move quickly to contain threats and return to “business as usual” as quickly as possible. - Incident Response - Incident Analytics and Forensics