Government Sector

Government IT Security

Government agencies deal with massive amounts of data ranging from public access to top secret
documents. Numerous national governments around the world and many of their member states
and local jurisdictions have enacted laws regulating the government data security of the personal,
strategic and other sensitive data they hold. Government agencies are responsible for maintaining
standards and a certain level of security to protect the data and comply with privacy laws.


–  Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
– Data Privacy and Residency Laws
– NIST 800 Series
– Applications that most government agencies use must comply with FedRAMP

How We Can Help:

– We provide consultation for the best practices in civilian, defense and intelligence
– We help you monitor your assets and data at all times, be it top secret documents or low-
level clearance documents
– Constantly monitoring the network and assets at all times to mitigate threats
– Respond to attacks and minimize the damage to minimal data loss

Technologies That We Utilize:

– Data Security and Monitoring
– Data Loss Prevention Tools
– SIEM Suite
– Network Monitoring Tools
– 360 View of your assets and networks