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Frontline IT Security

Our strength lies not only in the technologies and tools that we bring to the table, but also
the skills and analytical acumen of our team.

About Us

Frontline IT Security is a cyber security managed service company. Cyberspace being
one of the fastest growing sector worldwide, we provide a comprehensive suite of security
services to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to cyber-attacks effectively.

Our Services

We provide customized and quality solutions to meet your security requirements.
Our service portfolio covers every aspect of cyber security, from security, design,
validation, monitoring right up to incident response and forensics by our team of SMEs

Our Technologies:

A leader in Security Incident and Event Management, providing real-time alerts to known
and unknown threats
– Numerous patented, innovative: technologies – Security Event Management, Threat
Intelligence Management Platform, Advanced Analytics Tools and many more
– Next-generation Security Operations Center processing billions of security events yearly,
keeping tabs on all the latest attacks, trends and patterns

Industries We Serve

Financial Sector

To protect their reputation banking and financial services firms and their executives must safeguard critical financial data from exposure. Financial services firms are all going to cloud in today’s world which poses security risks and the reputation of the firms if the breach does occur. Frontline can help with that. We provide various services to safeguard the data, prevent losses and protect against cyber threat.

Government Sector

Government agencies deal with massive amounts of data ranging from public access to top secret documents. Numerous national governments around the world and many of their member states and local jurisdictions have enacted laws regulating the government data security of the personal, strategic and other sensitive data they hold. Government agencies are responsible for maintaining standards and a certain level of security to protect the data and comply with privacy laws.

Power Sector Security

Countries and the world depend on energy and power every day, every second of the life. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has the authority to establish cybersecurity regulations over a number of electric utility companies and operators.

Training and Research

Frontline IT Security not only provides top of the line security, but we also provide
training services for your organization. We use various methods for training such as video conferencing, phone calls, in-person
training and self-paced training

We are constantly researching the industry trends, new technologies and ways to improve
active cyber threat hunting and mitigation methods before they can reach the network.